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Security fencing for all applications, including vertical bar, welded mesh, metal railings, sports fencing, playground fencing and GRP. 

Timber and steel automated and manual gates, and guidance on specification, installation and maintenance.

Guaranteed for 25 years, our absorptive and reflective acoustic barriers reduce noise, increase privacy, and provide security, and can even be CE marked for road infrastructure.

Security Rated Fencing is integral to any well-planned perimeter security strategy as it provides the reassurance of tested performance against a range of threats.

Jacksons high security fencing and gates deliver integrated perimeter security and access control solutions for a wide variety of sensitive and critical applications.

Our range of hostile vehicle mitigation products includes PAS 68 bollards, road blockers, speed gates, manual arm barriers and crash fences.

Our range of parking control and barriers includes car bars, road blockers, rising arm barriers, swing barriers and turnstiles.

Timber fencing for a wide range of commercial applications, from residential developments and public parks to pubs, restaurants, and hospitals.

Jacksons Fencing has provided solutions for many applications and sectors, from high security national infrastructure to commercial premises and schools.

Jacksons Fencing are at the forefront of metal fencing for many applications and sectors

We have five CPD presentations covering topics including gate automation, perimeter security, acoustic barriers, timber treatment, and fencing for the education sector, available throughout the UK and online.

All our installation teams are CSCS certified and DBS cleared to carry out work at schools, care homes and other institutions, and subject to vetting and approval by the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

Our gate automation service is fully CE accredited, conforming to all current regulations. All our engineers and technical advisors are Gate Safe compliant ensuring a long-lasting, safe solution for any application.

Whether you're looking for advice on a high security or schools project or want to know more about acoustic barriers, we've got a wide range of guides covering these topics available for immediate download.

CAD drawings of our products available for immediate download, sorted by product range.

Spec Sheets of our products available for immediate download, sorted by product range.

Find Q40 specification documents for our commercial product range or systems.

We have commissioned a series of research reports with a wealth of knowledge from experts in the field including education, acoustic and high security insights.

Our whitepapers are available for immediate download and contain essential guidance and information on key topics including schools, noise barriers, automated gates, data centres and high security.

We have developed a range of insight papers that provide a brief understanding of various security sectors, from independent schools to utilities and high security data centres.

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With a vast amount of experience providing fencing for many applications, we share advice from our industry knowledge about keeping a site safe and secure, product detail and information for architects, specifiers, contractors and end-users.

Discover more about the security industry through our blog, with a wide selection of articles covering topics including fencing, access control and noise barriers, as well as helpful guidance and advice about specialist subjects and most commonly asked questions.

We understand the various challenges our customers face and over the years we have delivered many successful projects and solutions to the highest standard across all applications and sectors throughout the UK and across the world. View some of our case studies in various sectors

With over 70 years of experience providing fencing, gates and access control for schools, commercial and residential properties and high security sites, discover the security solution that’s right for you through our case studies.

Jacksons Fencing is accredited by many standards and institutions, from BRE LPCB, RIBA and Secured By Design, to RISQS, Gate Safe and Safe Contractor.

We are proud of our British heritage. First established in 1947 in Kent supplying fencing stakes to farmers, we have always remained true to our British roots as the company has grown.

We exceed British Standards in various categories, whether it's residential timber fence panels, welded mesh, anti intruder fences, or hostile vehicle mitigation crash rated products.

Our fencing has gone through rigorous testing processes to ensure it is suitable for all environments, from schools to healthcare, railways, airports and airfields, as well as military sites, prisons, home office and government operations.

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We coat our products to the highest standard, with options for marine coating, Galfan®, galvanisation and polyester powder coating to provide a tough, durable, protective layer.

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We offer a market leading 25 year guarantee on all our timber and steel products, and a 25 month guarantee for automated products.

Jacksons Fencing is an environmentally conscious organisation with a focus on providing products and services of the highest quality and always improving over time.

We have been exporting our products since 2000. With a wide portfolio of security solutions, we have won contracts in a number of countries including Australia, Egypt, Algeria, Turkestan and Kazakhstan.  

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Specify Jacksons for quality and customer service throughout the whole process, from design, manufacture, supply and install.

The Jakcure® timber treatment process has been refined and perfected over the years to allow us to provide our 25 year guarantee. Find out about the process of timber treatment here.

Read our trade terms and conditions for supply and installation.

At Jacksons our entire resource is geared around meeting your needs from sales to design site visits manufacturing and transport so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements at the earliest stage of the project.

We have teams located at each of our three fencing centres and fencing managers located throughout the UK ready to respond to your enquiry.

With a vast amount of experience providing fencing for many applications, we share advice from our industry knowledge about keeping a site safe and secure, product detail and information for architects, specifiers, contractors and end-users.

Our timber acoustic barriers can reduce noise levels by as much as 32 decibels in laboratory conditions. They have been successfully installed for a wide range of applications, from highways and trunk roads to railways, housing and schools.

The growing impact of noise on people, planning and architecture has increased demand for acoustic barriers and fencing across a wide variety of applications from housing and schools, to transport and retail. 

Evidence from studies increasingly suggests that noise pollution can have a detrimental impact on modern living, from house prices, to physical health and well being. The impact of noise is often felt most in busy urban areas or industrial sites, however, there’s a solution to limiting noise and the damage it can cause to physical and mental well being.

Our Jakoustic® acoustic barriers and acoustic gates were specifically designed to deliver good noise reduction performance, sustainability and security and importantly, to blend in with the surrounding environment. 

The original Jakoustic® timber acoustic barrier system was first introduced in 2004, featuring our unique ‘tuning-fork’ posts. This design has been adapted and evolved to suit different applications and is available in a number of versions to provide solutions for a wide variety of noise problems.

We are the first UK manufacturer of timber acoustic barriers which can CE mark both its Jakoustic® Commercial & Highways Reflective system and Jakoustic® Plus Commercial & Highways Absorptive system as compliant with the requirements of EN 14388:2005 relating to Road traffic noise reducing devices. This follows the successful type testing and validation of both systems, including posts, reflective and absorptive surfaces, fixings and installation method carried out by BSI and detailed in its report number 8765852 dated 8th March 2019.  This landmark achievement allows us to make an appropriate Declaration of Performance in relation to a number of characteristics defined in the ZA annex of EN 14388:2005, in support of the CE marking of its Jakoustic® Commercial & Highways barriers as road noise reducing products under the EU Construction Products Directive and Regulation 305/2011. To request a copy of the Declaration of Performance, please contact our sales team.

Watch our 3D video walkthrough to find out more about the different types of acoustic barriers we manufacture, and how they can be used in and around schools, residential properties, commercial sites and transport hubs.

All our acoustic barriers are manufactured from premium pressure treated timber and guaranteed for 25 years against all forms of wet and dry rot and insect attack. Browse our range of acoustic fencing and gates below.

High privacy Security Low visual impact Sustainable Fast installation Low lifetime cost Can be stepped or raked to maintain height over most ground conditions 25 year guarantee

When considering acoustic fencing you should take in account:

The location of noise source

The intensity and frequency of the source

The distance from the source to the acoustic barrier

The location of the position or areas to be screened

The density, height and degree of reflection/absorption required the barrier

In addition, our in-house design team will prepare detailed specification drawings and wind loading calculations when required.

Jacksons has achieved certification under the environmental chain-of-custody schemes of both the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and the PEFCTM (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification TM).

Whether you require supply of Jakoustic materials or a full design, manufacture and installation service, our team of experts can offer flexible solutions tailored to meet your needs.

* Jakoustic® laboratory sound reduction of up to 28 dB* Superficial Mass 28kg/m2 ** Jakoustic® Absorptive laboratory sound reduction of up to 32 dB* Superficial Mass 28kg/m2

Our digital acoustic barriers brochure contains all the details and specifications for our full range of acoustic barriers. Download your copy here.

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We manufacture acoustic barriers for different applications, including reflective and absorptive barriers, lightweight acoustic barriers, or acoustic barriers specifically for mitigating road noise that can also be CE marked. To help you work out which acoustic barrier you need for your project, we've created a tool so you can easily compare applications, features, and heights of each barrier type.

Acoustic barriers work by disrupting the path of sound waves travelling from a noise source. This is done either by sound being reflected off the surface of the acoustic barrier, or being absorbed by the acoustic barrier. The height and location of the acoustic barrier will make a difference to the level of noise reduction and should be decided by a qualified sound engineer or acoustic consultant. Read more about this here.

Acoustic barriers are effective as long as they meet the requirements for material density, barrier construction, height, and distance between the noise source and receiver. They must be installed correctly with no gaps in the barrier. Timber acoustic barriers have been independently tested and proven to reduce noise by up to 32dB.

Acoustic barriers are structures that are installed to reduce noise. They are used internally and externally. Jacksons Fencing manufactures a range of external timber acoustic barriers which reduce noise either through reflection or absorption.

There are many types of noise barrier including timber, concrete, metal, brick, acrylic/Perspex, gabion walls, and earth bunds. When choosing a type of noise barrier you should consider the aesthetics, footprint, sustainability, and quality of the barrier in relation to cost.

We have an extensive library of content covering the top queries about acoustic fencing, including an in depth explanation about the different types of acoustic fencing, and what the difference is between an acoustic fence and a normal fence.

Find out what makes acoustic fencing different from normal fencing and how it reduces noise.

There are two main types of acoustic fencing, absorptive and reflective, find out what the difference between them is.

How does acoustic fencing work? And what kind of sound reduction can you expect? We find out here

Click here to view some noise reduction projects our acoustic fencing has been involved in from high security to education facilities.

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