Dennis Quaid to host upcoming Viewpoint segment on Infant Safety

2022-09-09 19:58:50 By : Mr. Mao Matthew

The informative program will look into ways that families can help ensure a healthy early childhood.

MIAMI , Sept. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The "Viewpoint" program will be highlighting infant safety tips with leading industry experts across the medical fields as well as other applicable sectors. The show will cover essential information for parents and guardians to protect little ones from harm. Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid's developers worked closely with experts in infant care to create the episode.

Baby safety practices are essential for keeping loved ones safe. Many infants are injured yearly due to unsafe devices, toys, or environments. From car seats to homes, there are several devices, and tips parents and guardians can incorporate to ensure the safety of the infants in their care. Staying up-to-date on what items can pose a threat and ensuring any harmful items are out of reach or locked away can go a long way in protecting little ones.

Some tips include feeding only soft, easy-to-swallow foods. Don't shake or toss a baby in the air. Keep an eye out for broken toys – any broken small pieces could be ingested and cause an obstruction. Use baby gates to keep small ones out of pools, away from sharp objects, and rooms with exposed electrical outlets or stairs. Investing in quality baby equipment can be helpful as hand-me-downs may not be in the best shape and may pose safety concerns.

Children grow rapidly, as do their needs, and viewers can learn more about infant safety in the upcoming episode on Viewpoint. Dennis Quaid will open and close the segment.

Viewpoint is an educational documentary series. The program is the recipient of numerous awards for its efforts in educational television.

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