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2022-06-24 20:04:21 By : Ms. Cherry Cherry

Ashford-based fencing manufacturer has 75 years of experience and offers an unrivalled guarantee

The boundaries of your garden are more than just the end of your realm, they can form the stunning backdrop to your planting schemes, the framework for your outdoor dining area and the security to keep unwanted visitors at bay.

So selecting the right panels is essential and they need to be both attractive and built to stand the rigours of the British climate.

For more than 75 years one particular Kent-based company has been designing and manufacturing premium fencing, gates and garden accessories and is today considered a leading supplier of fencing and its related products.

The company, Jacksons Fencing, has a history stretching back to 1947 and the resources and experience to tackle a range of projects both residential and commercial with skilled teams of Approved Installers to ensure the installation matches the quality of the products manufactured.

Fencing serves a variety of functions from decoration to demarcation, and security to noise reduction and Jacksons' fencing can be both. With that in mind here are seven reasons to select Jacksons Fencing's products for your next garden project...

Using a unique process called Jakcure® the company confidently offers a sector-leading 25-year guarantee on its timber panels, gates, and landscaping products against rot and wood-boring pests. This pressure treatment process means the lifespan of Jacksons' fence panels, timber posts, and gravel boards are unrivalled.

Despite its resilience to weather and pests, Jakcure®-treated products are environmentally friendly. They are harmless to animal and plant life and fencing treated using this process will not need further treatment for the lifetime of the guarantee.

Designed to last, quality begins with sustainable timber selection and continues with the craftsmanship employed in the creation of each and every panel.

From the stainless steel screws to the posts and panels themselves, you can be certain once your fence is installed it will maintain its beauty for a quarter of a century through the showers of April, the heatwaves of July and the frosts of December.

There is a growing trend among garden lovers for a return to more natural outdoor spaces. Rewilding is not only taking place in swathes of countryside in the Highlands of Scotland or the lowlands of Somerset but in residential gardens across the country as families welcome wildlife back into their lives.

And who doesn't love a hedgehog? Excellent for keeping slugs and garden pests under control, t he prickly mammal has suffered a sharp decline in recent decades as its nesting and foraging habitat has been reduced.

Thankfully, the news isn't all bad as the recent State of Britain's Hedgehogs 2022, reports that urban populations may be recovering and you could play a part. Consider hedgehog-friendly gravel boards, reduce the use of chemicals in your garden and check overgrown areas before strimming.

Jackson's hedgehog friendly gravel board was invented in 2015, it has a small hedgehog-sized hole to allow them to roam freely.

Once that hedgehog-friendly board is in place it's time to select the panels that best suit your garden and offer the security you need. And the range is extensive - from the traditional Featherboard and Tongue and Groove styles to contemporary designs such as on-trend Venetian panels.

All are manufactured by Jackson's to their exacting standards and quality, so whether you select a one-metre high Palisade fence to showcase your garden, Jaktop Criss Cross or Horizontal Hit and Miss topped with Trellis or railings you won't be disappointed.

For a little extra security consider the Chilham double-sided fence panel or the Urban panel installed vertically. These were featured in the Metropolitan Police and Secured by Design home security advice stand at the Ideal Home Show 2022.

Since a father and son started manufacturing and selling chestnut stakes and fencing to farmers in the Kent countryside Jacksons Fencing has maintained its home in Ashford.

Today, the business has outlets in Bath, Chester and across the Channel in France. Yet, if you order timber panels from the company they will still be created with care by skilled craftsmen in the heart of Kent at the headquarters just outside of Ashford and delivered by Jacksons' drivers. They also offer discounted local delivery costs for customers in Kent.

Installing fencing is a skilled operation, you can tackle the job yourself with a spirit level and a trench shovel, or you could employ an Approved Installer. Jacksons Fencing carefully selects reputable Approved Installers who meet their strict criteria to ensure only the highest installation standards.

The company's Approved Installer Programme is a national network of highly-skilled recommended professionals from the residential fencing and landscaping industry. Installers are vetted and agree to work under the Approved Installer Agreement following Jacksons' installation guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction. You can read the Customer Charter and book an installer here.

There are many elements to consider when buying fence panels, after all, it's not just the panels you need, there'll be posts, boards, screws, cement and even toppers. But how many will you need?

Jacksons have taken the guesswork out of this with their on-site Fence Builder. Here you can work out how many panels you require, select the style, type of posts and other sundries and the price will be calculated as you go. As with fence panels, all timber products undergo the same rigorous treatment process to ensure longevity.

For more than 75 years, Jacksons Fencing has supplied quality fencing products across Kent and beyond. To learn more about the extensive selection of fence panels, trellis, railings and gates to add style and security to your home visit Jacksons Fencing, call 0800 260 5742 or email sales@jacksons-fencing.co.uk