Automatic Multi-Frequency Internet Door Frame Metal Detector Safe Through Door

XYT2101A7(New 18 zones) Technical Specification:Power: 18V/3500mA Power Supply: 15WDoor External Size: 2310mm(L)×960mm(W)×656mm(H)Door Internal Size: 2000mm(L)×710mm(W)×600mm(H)Package information(One unit with two packages):Control Box: 790mm×560mm×310mm   Door Panel: 2410mm&ti

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XYT2101A7(New 18 zones) 

Technical Specification:
Power: 18V/3500mA
Power Supply: 15W
Door External Size: 2310mm(L)×960mm(W)×656mm(H)
Door Internal Size: 2000mm(L)×710mm(W)×600mm(H)
Package information(One unit with two packages):
Control Box: 790mm×560mm×310mm   
Door Panel: 2410mm×720mm×310mm
Net weight: about 65kg
Gross Weight: about 70kg

Product Advantage:
  1. 9.2 inch LCD colorful screen , support Multi-language.
  2. Intelligent in/out counting and alarm counting
  3. Intuitive power display and show "battery is low"when need charge
  4. According to the amount of metal Numbers display to identify the metal size
  5. Can connect the multi-doors security terminal by network for the real-time data collection, reading, parameter setting, data generation and operation condition
  6. Simple setting of factory default
  7. The remote control is easy to operate
  8. Low power consumption and multi-zones continuous accurate alarm
  9. Multiple frequency 6 .5KH z~1 0 KH z, strong anti-interference
  10. Modular design,parts are easy to pull and plug,simple to install, fault easy to rule out;
  11. The international leading digital pulse technology, stable performance;

Function Description
1. The LCD backlight: 0-99seconds show that the time is continuously adjustable
2. Identify function: According to the amount of metal Numbers display to identify the metal size,or according to the form of sound soothing to notify the worker about the metal object size.
3. Detection zone: zones,according to customer's request to set up a single zone or multi-zones for continuous and accurate alarm.
4. Fly article detection function: the equipment can detect and alarm when  the articles which not passthrough this door alongwith person.
5. Self diagnosis function: built-in self-checking program, can be in boot automatically when the detection module is operating normally.
6.Anti-Interference: with DSP digital signal processing filtering system, has excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference ability and strong ability of touch and impact resistance, can be normally worked in the people crowded conditions.
7. Circuit features: compound circuit design, can effectively reduce false positives and omission, intelligent alarm counting function, six count and can be automatically saved to facilitate query, and record the alarm time at the same time.
8. Sensitivity: each zone sensitivity levels are 0-255, the overall adjustable sensitivity levels are 0-4085.
9. Alarm Settings: sound and light alarm simultateously, 0-99seconds show that  the alarm time is ajustable, 0-99 alarm volume is adjustable, 1-99 tones is adjustable
10.Vibration protection: to prevent false alarms caused by vibration interference
11. Passing speed: can be adjusted start from the fastest 100 / minute and go down,  detection speed can be adjustment according to the user's request
12. Perpetual Calendar: display year, month, day, hour,second
13. Reset: restore factory Settings, can restore the initial data
14. Application scene settings: choose the suitable working environment,passthrough speed and sensitivity automatically.
15. Waterproof design: IP54
16. Backup Power: 8 hours
17. Easy to installation: products is in integration design, people only need 20 minutes to finish the assemble and dismantle operation
18. Password setting: with password protection function, only input the correct password can modify the parameters, people except the operator can't change the parameter setting, It is convenient for management.
19. Safety standards: in accordance with the current international safety standards, use weak magnetic field emission technology, harmless for cardiac wearer, pregnant women, floppy disks, tapes, etc.

( For option) :
1. Capture: work with corresponding cameras, can get common image snapshot or alarm capture
2. Multi-doors connected by network: can connect the multi-doors security terminal by network for the real-time data collection, reading, parameter setting, data generation and operation condition
3. The extended interface: provide more extension interface, signal output function, can connect all kinds of Tripod turnstile, Wing brake, Entrance guard, Attendance machine, and   the registration equipments which need to be mutual controlled.
4. Communication interface: with RS485, RS232 ports ,in order to realize multi machine working together

Working Environment:Temperature-20ºC- +55ºC  Humidity:0~95%

The XYT2101A7 is designed for Airport, Customs, Railway station, Metro, Police, Court, Embassy, Commercial buildings, Military installations, Ships, Shipping Mall,  Army, Prison, Government agency, Bank, Factory, Hotel, Entertainment environments, Gymnasiums, Exhibition Centers etc. Public security.

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